Innerspring Mattresses Less Comfortable

In general, side sleepers find innerspring mattresses less comfortable than other hybrid mattresses mattress types due to the lack of cushioning for the shoulders, lower back, and hips. The strain on these places can contribute to a restless night’s sleep if you sleep on your side without adequate padding. Unlike standard innerspring, the Classic adds a second layer of pocketed mini coils to alleviate significant pressure points. For side sleepers who weigh less than 130 pounds, we recommend the soft (3) firmness level of our coil-on-coil mattress; for heavier people, we recommend the medium (6) hardness level. A firm (8) mattress may be the best option for those who sleep on their side.

Robust Recycled-Steel Hourglass Coils Provided

Foam and soft fibers fill the mattress, creating a plush and comfy surface. No matter our firmness, the transitional layer of pocketed mini coils and the support core made of robust recycled-steel hourglass coils provided outstanding support. 11.5-inch profiles with 4-inch base coils and 14.5-inch profiles (with 7-inch base coils) are also available. Regarding support and bounce, we found the latter to be a superior choice for sleepers who need extra help or anyone looking for a little extra sturdiness.

Moisture Away From Our Bodies

The two coil layers kept us from sinking when we slept towards the edges or climbed on and off the mattress. As the organic cotton cover wicks moisture away from our bodies, these layers circulate air throughout the mattress to keep it cool. Classic was proven to sleep unusually cool even by innerspring standards.

Great Benefit For Anyone Who Lives Alone

Only offers free White Glove delivery to the entire contiguous United States. Your old mattress and box spring will be hauled away for free as part of this service, including the delivery date and time. White-Glove service is a great benefit for anyone who lives alone, as we found the Classic’s springs required at least two to three people to move it around during our testing. Each purchase comes with a 180-night sleep trial to test out the Classic and decide whether it’s right for you, as well as a 15-year warranty for those who keep the mattress.

Different Hardness Levels

When it comes to temperature regulation, edge support, and responsiveness, the has a coil-based architecture that makes it an excellent choice. The Classic is a beautiful, supportive bed that amazed us with its breathability. The Evolution 15 is a mattress that alleviates pressure and provides solid support for side sleepers who wake up in pain or stiffness. Because of the different hardness levels, the mattress can accommodate various body types. Those who like or occasionally sleep on the side may find that the mattress, despite its higher price, offers high-quality materials and features that make it a worthy investment.

Integrated Into The Quilted Polyfoam

With a 1-inch poly foam foundation, the Evolution has an 8-inch pocketed coil support core. Your hips, for example, will feel better-supported thanks to the pocketed coils’ zonal support system. Three layers of 2-inch poly foam are used in the comfort system, each serving a particular function.. The following layer is graphite-infused, designed to keep the wearer’s temperature in check. It is also integrated into the quilted polyfoam Euro-top, designed to keep you cool while wearing it.

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